Proof Public House is a down to earth pizza joint located in Chinatown Honolulu.  We are kinda off the beaten path just down the alley on Chaplain Lane in between Bethel St and Fort Street Mall.

We bake our pizzas on site and offer rotating daily slices, as well as full 13″ specialty and build-your-own pies. Our kitchen stays open late on the weekends (1:30AM) and til 10:30PM the rest of the week.  We offer a variety of appetizers, including cheese bread, avocado toast, and some big-ass salads!

Proof just experienced a change in ownership and are currently excited about building our spirits, cocktails and draft rotations to a new level.  

We have a pool table, an outdoor seating area, and soon a study/reading nook. Come by on February 29th for our relaunch party where we’ll feature new drinks, a new look, and some prizes and merch! Pencil us in! 

Check out this awesome video by Noil Bee for when The Manifold Magazine had a release party!


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    Nicole Shannon

    Proof definitely has the best pizza in town! I love the innovative combinations. Very tasty. You guys should think of making t-shirts with the Proof logo. I would wear it with pride.